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Thinking of local products sold online is definitely not far from a local brand, Adorable Project. Brand from Bandung has been consistent with its hand made products since 2008. Until now Adorable Project has hundreds of articles sold online. Adorable Project originated from businesses try of the owner, along with his wife Dawn. About 6 years ago they saw a great opportunity in doing business online, especially products of fashion needs of women. Well, from where Dawn began to take the initiative to make an online business that sells a variety of accessories, clothes, to shoes women.

From its establishment until now, Adorable Project is consistent with its products made directly by the craftsmen around Cimahi. According to Dawn, the way he did also to empower the artisans in the region. For that you could say that Adorable Project is a product that is 100 percent locally because the material until the author was from Indonesia.

Although made by hand made by local craftsmen but Adorable Project products while upholding quality and priced at an affordable price. According to Dawn this is one mission that he had brought from Adorable Project, the goal that everyone can use quality goods but do not have to spend much money.

Currently the Adorable Project products can be obtained via the website as well as in their social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Although it is not planning to make an offline store, but according to Dawn Project Adorable future they will continue to release new products such as shoes and outerwear for women through their online store.


Adorable Project
Jl. Raya Timur No.463, Padasuka, Cibeunying Kidul
Bandung, West Java, 40523