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Talking about the typical food and snack of Tuban is endless for reviews. You must visit to the Tuban, East Java if you want to taste the various kinds of delicious and nutritious food, chips, and snacks. Bunga Tulip is famous brand of various kind of homemade snacks starting from sweet potato chips until marning, the famous and savory snack of Bunga Tulip that made from corn and spices. Besides on that, Bunga Tulip produces rengginang crackers, various kind of fried nuts as well as delicious fish crackers, shrimp chips and crackers. There are also other food and snack products which can be a souvenirs for your family. All snack products of Bunga Tulip are trusted by many buyers both local district and outer of Tuban.

Savory flavor of chips and snacks from Bunga Tulip comes from a very simple seasonings and material, such as garlic, coriander, salt, and usually plus slices of orange leaves. Not to forget the additional flour bind together to make chips more taste crispy. To maintain the quality of snack and chips, some craft makers avoid using bulk oil when frying product. So, let’s buy and taste the delicious all snacks, especially for marning product with variety flavors of Bunga Tulip when you visit Trenggalek. Well, for those of you who visit and travel to Tuban, certainly feels complete if you enjoy and take home all snack and chips products from Bunga Tulip.

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