Author Topic: Mahkota Kopi Raja – Brand Company and Manufacturer of Arabica Blend Doa Coffee  (Read 763 times)


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Mahkota Kopi Raja is brand name of arabica coffee product in the form of instant coffee powder that has a typical taste with a good smell and a delicious taste. With own plantation, the coffee product of Mahkota Kopi Raja has gone through some selective processes like the picking of coffee, selecting coffee at the field and the factory, drying of coffee seeds and the process of milling coffee seeds that produces arabica blend coffee that has a special taste and a nice fragrance. Mahkota Kopi Raja admitted about maintains organic system of the coffee planting and processing. In addition to maintaining the natural ecosystem, the application of organic systems is also considered as one way of maintaining the quality of the taste of this product.

Mahkota Kopi Raja produces not only general arabica blend coffee product, but in each coffee product there is “a pray” that can bring a happiness when you drink it. Therefore, the kind of coffee from Mahkota Kopi Raja is Arabica Blend Doa (doa is indonesian language of pray) with motto of this brand is “Nikmatnya Keberkahan Kopi Doa (The Pleasure of Blessing from Pray Coffee Product)“. Arabica blend coffee with brand “Mahkota Kopi Raja” is one of recommended instant coffee products that you should buy and export to your area. So, taste and feel the flavor and aroma of arabica blend coffee product from Indonesia with brand “Mahkota Kopi Raja”.

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