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Spiritual Meaning of Gold Jewelry
| November 14, 2016, 04:52:32 PM

Someone’s clothes can tell you about what friends that person has, what places they visit and their general activities. A pair of shoes can also make a statement about someone’s general behavior, but that is mostly one woman’s statement about another.

This brings us to the accessories. They consist of many things like purses, scarves and most importantly jewelry. You can wear jewelry as a fashion statement, something that goes along with your wardrobe or other things alternative medicine that. But what if you can purchase spiritual gold jewelry that bears great significance or has some kind of powers?

Something like that can really make you think. Skeptics do not embrace that possibility and think it is a load of crap. I was once one of these skeptics, but now, once I have heard a strange story that may be a coincidence, or it may also be true, I have revised my way of thinking.

I don’t know about general beliefs, but I for one consider the oriental cultures are some of the most powerful and rewarding at the same time. The spiritual gold jewelry I am talking about in this article comes is linked in one way or another to oriental cultures.

David Weitzman is a spiritual gold jewelry designer. He started his activity in 1998 and has continued to improve the life of many since, at people’s request. It is a common belief that mathematics is the universal language of the universe and carpet amp; upholstery cleaning life is governed by it. Some geometry shapes are considered to be sacred like the Seed of Life, the Flower of Life, the Tree of Life and others.

He took symbols found in different cultures and incorporated them in hand crafted pendants, rings, bracelets and other jewelry. Then he upholstery cleaning minneapolis them to a special energizing process through meditation. By doing this he obtained jewelry with special properties like healing or self balancing. Each piece of spiritual gold jewelry makes a great gift on different occasions. He suggested they spread lots of pendants throughout the city. David was ok with it and the bombings stopped the same day. Was it related or not? This you can decide for yourself, but you have to admit, if it was a coincidence, then it was a very strange one.

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