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Karya Mandiri is industry of natural wood that creating unique and handmade craft pieces products. Karya Mandiri as the teak root and natural wood workshop is located in Palu, Central Sulawesi. This workshop presents various kind of special miniature with many variation forms and designs such as animals, transportation, and many more. All products are handmade using natural materials and wood with good quality, so that all products are very unique, beautiful, and useful. All wooden craft and miniature wooden craft with unique and ethnic value are very suitable for your home decoration and souvenir.

Karya Mandiri offers you various kind of wooden craft accessories and products such as; tray, key chain, clock, cane, tissue box, unique small handbag, wooden box with variety sizes, and many more wooden craft products. Besides on that, Karya Mandiri serves accessories for home decoration and furniture, such as door, window, sills, and other products that are made of natural wood with beautiful carving, so that your home look like ethnic and fresh with brown color. Each product of this gallery has made one by one in handmade and every process requires precision and caution, so as not to distort the shape that has been made. You can buy and order this wooden crafts in retail and wholesale. Karya Mandiri also accepts customized design of wooden craft and accessories for in certain quantity.

Mr. Amir R.

Jl. Mutiara No.1 wani II, Tanantovea District
Palu 94352, Central Sulawesi
Mobile: +62 852 4128 7554

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