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Trend Fashion 2017 That Have To Known
| January 04, 2017, 03:01:00 PM
2017 has begun, the predictions about what will be in and out in this year has begun to emerge. This information is certainly useful and can be used as inspiration, especially in determining the next product design. Ready for inspiration in the new year? The disruption that shook the fashion world in 2016, from designer departures to the hubbub around see-now-buy-now fashion, is likely to continue into 2017, with brands questioning how to make fashion stick in an ever-increasing digital age. Here some of visual trend that is predicted to be booming in this year:

1. Color
Color of 2017 falls on a green color. This was stated by Pantone, a company renowned printing United States that apply the standard of coloring in various global industries. The green color has an impression that is fresh, new, natural, and signifies a new beginning. Besides green, earthy colors such as nude, khakis, maroon, red brick, until gray also be popping up this year.

2. Fotogragphy
Trends in photography in 2017 will be filled with inspiration, among others; women as being a strong, independent, active, and happy to work hard; Spontaneity and original without a lot of set-up is not natural; 90s era, from styling to the overall visual impression. Basically sporty elements will keep passing the fashion trends in 2017. The proof, Vogue, Dior, Gucci and Versace have also been experimenting with the elements put sport in the collection Spring / Summer 2017. While Beyonce is not inferior to the release of Ivy Park since mid 2016 the theme of modern clothing that is ready for an activity at any time.

3. Branding
The concept of branding going back to the actual function of the product. This means, packaging or promotional concepts are complex and redundant will be left. Some companies also began rebranding in order to attract consumers youth market by switching to a logo that is more simple and relaxed with bold colors.

Source: Decorator's Wisdom

4. Home Appliances: Natural Solutions
For household appliances such as kitchen utensil or room accessories, such as the natural trend of the surface texture of stone, wood colors, natural materials, to a variety of handmade products will be more loved.

Can be said 2017 will be a new year filled with themes of simple, close to nature, and completely handmade. The global community will also be increasingly fused together with the development of technology for a world without borders.