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8 Furnishings to Add to Your Bathroom
| January 11, 2017, 12:21:16 PM
By: Abe Abbas

Maybe your bathroom is not the first place that comes to mind when you think of furnishing. However any bathroom can benefit greatly from having these furnishings in place. Add all or some of these pieces to make your bathroom a more relaxing and comfortable place.

The bathroom is a great place to play with color and texture, and juxtaposing unexpected pairings.

An Extra Chair

An extra chair in a bathroom can serve many purposes. It can catch clothes and books, (yes, books) or provide a place for you to sit down while you change or dry off. It can be relaxing at bath time at the end of the day. It helps to have a fabric that can be cleaned easily, and a frame that fits into the space without taking up too much room.

Keep a Stepping Stool

A stepping stool is essential in a bathroom if you have small kids. Reaching the sink to wash hands can be difficult. Maybe you can place it under the chair if it gets in the way or use a folding one and put it away when you no longer need it.

Add a Storage Ottoman

A storage ottoman serves the same purpose as a chair, can be smaller or bigger depending on the space you have, and you get more storage. There is never too much storage space ever and an ottoman lets you stash things away in an attractive manner.

Add a Cabinet

Cabinets serve many purposes and come in many different styles and finishes as well. They are available in different sizes as well. Storage is one of the biggest problems that we run into, no matter which room it is.

Most bathrooms provide little room for storage beyond the under the sink area, which can only accommodate just a few things. If you want to store towels or supplies for the guests then a cabinet comes in handy. If you are short on space go for something that can be hung on the wall or is tall and narrow. It can be painted to merge with the walls or have a glass front to look less intrusive.

Have Other Storage Options

If you don't have room to add a cabinet, there are other storage options such as baskets, or open, wall shelves. The baskets can be hung from the wall, and the shelving can go right around the bathroom. Since it will be open you will have to be more creative in how you arrange things on it. You can also put in rails and hang containers from them.

Put Up Wall Art

Use the walls by all means instead of letting them be blank and boring. Playful and colorful art work does great here, the more whimsical the better.

Get Creative With Shower Curtains

Shower curtains also offer you a chance to show off your creativity. Go for all out impact. You can layer shower curtains for a more luxurious look with fabric curtains on the outside while using more waterproof alternatives on the inside. You can get a theme going with your wall art and shower curtains.

Have Fun With Mirrors

Bathroom vanity mirrors give you a great chance to show off some style. Use a frame of your choice to completely change the look of the bathroom. Look for bold colors if that is something you like. Go for neutral tones if you want a more quiet look. Black can give a touch of drama, while metallic tones can add a touch of luxury. Just the frame by itself can dramatically change the look of a bathroom.

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