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Galeri Lawang is workshop that providing a wide range of wooden handicraft products and antique furniture made from wood with good quality. This teak root craft and wooden furniture require high precision and artistic creativity, because not everyone can sculpt twigs roots. Teak root and wood can create in any crafts product based on the market want. The materials which is from demolition wood boat unused, so it looks natural, primitive art, old wood quality guaranteed, durable, and, resistant to decay. This workshop also produces frames with antiques, primitive, rustic design by using formerly Indonesia pictures.

Starting from a family hobby with antique products, Mr. Ali opened the Galeri Lawang with specialty products of antique furniture and other antique sculpture image. Galeri Lawang provides repro furniture as well as reproduces antiques and other handicrafts. He explained that the type of this business is no only providing wide variety of furniture and other antique products, there is also reproduce the goods that have been damaged to be nice again. All products here are handmade and Galeri Lawang produces ??the process a wardrobe ranges from one week to two weeks of manufacturing.

Fantastic furniture of Galeri Lawang are made by skilled craftsmen and experts, who faithfully follow the projects of the great home furniture design, carefully choosing the natural and safe materials with manufacturing methods improved from year to year by a practice passionate. Many designs that you can choose for your furniture such as Repro antique, Primitive, Classic, Minimalist, Unique, and Rastik furniture both indoor and outdoor. This workshop supplies a variety of solid wood furniture ranging from cabinet, chairs, tables, console, sofa, stool, cabinet, armoir, bedside, dining, frames, and others. Including the distinctive cultural character of the area, the products of Galeri Lawang are not easily replicated and found in other areas. Thus you can order your furniture according imagination. Galeri Lawang is the solution to all the needs of mahogany furniture and teak indoor furniture with antique and ethnic value.

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Jl Pandean Lamper II no 41, Semarang – Central Java
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