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Jogja Batik has its own signature that very well known by many Batik lovers. Moreover, Yogyakarta has been known and established as one of Batik culture downtown. And Arum Melati Batik is one of Batik workshop in the tourist village in Batuk, Yogyakarta that offering unique and fashionable Batik products. Arum Melati Batik provides unique combine of handwriting batik fabric and hand sewing craft. Arum Melati Batik is a batik manufacturer that focusing on quality and providing the needs of formal batik shirt but can give flexibility looking. All products are made by skilled Batik artists from several Batik area. Unique characteristics of this workshop can be seen from the originality of design, quality materials and stitching quality. Using this brand products can make you look formal but still trendy and dignified in various events.

The color of the batik are made of natural sources such as leaves, woods and etc. Each motif has it’s own story and function for their tradition event in Bantul. Arum Melati Batik offers the handmade Batik products in variety motifs typical of Yogyakarta, there are motifs of asmorodono, truntum, banana Bali, larasati, butterfly, etc. All batik fabric and cloth from Arum Melati Batik also will be very convenient to use when relaxing. So, let’s visit showroom of Arum Melati Batik to see many Batik fabric collections that can make you are different and more elegant with your Batik outfits. You can contact this workshop to order batik product in wholesale and export quantity.

Argodadi – Sedayu – Bantul, Yogyakarta
Mobile: (+62) 877 3855 4001
Email: hanjaya98@gmail(dot)com

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