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Rattan Basketwork Product from Tropica Primanusa Co.

Some of the finest basketwork in Indonesia comes from Lombok. the spiral woven using this method, while smaller receptacles topped with wooden carvings are also popular. On Java, Tasikmalaya is a center of major cane-weaving, often adapting baskets and vessels to modern uses with the introduction of zips and plastic lining. The Minangkabau, center around Bukit Tinggi, also produce interesting palm leaf bags and purses, well the lontar palm is used extensively in weaving on Timor, Roti and other outer eastern islands.

Product of Manacika Bali - Handbag Made of Beads Material

The Dayak of Kalimantan produce some superb woven basket and string bags, and they also produce some fine beadwork which can be seen on their baby carriers. Some of the most colorful and attractive beadwork is produced by the Toraja of Sulawesi, and beadwork can be found throughout Nusa Tenggara from Lombok to Timor. Small, highly prized cowrie shells are used like beads and are found on Dayak and Lombok artefacts, though the best application of these shells is in the Sumbanese tapestries intricately beaded with shells.

Unique Craft Product from Amygdala Bamboo

A wide range of items, both useful and decorative are made from natural fibers such as pandanus, rattan, bamboo and grasses. Rice spoons, bowls, containers, woven mats, baskets, lamp shades, boxes, natural paper products and a multitude of other items are made from natural fibers in Indonesia.

Unique Wooden Product of Kumang Pegari, Kalimantan

Bamboo, while exotic in the west, is one of the most practical natural plants. The uses of bamboo in Indonesia are Natural Fiber Product numerous and Indonesians utilize bamboo extensively for a variety of items including baskets, winnows, cups, buckets, furniture and woven walls in traditional homes. The fine strands used for fans, purses, bags, hats, baskets and other items. Larger, thick strips are used for flower baskets, walls and other items. While bamboo was originally used for practical items around the house, these have been further developed into new items which sell well as souvenirs.

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