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Sanggar Bima Mujiyono is shelter for Yogyakarta Culture, Art, and Craft. Mission of Sanggar Bima Mujiyono is to promote mostly eco-friendly, variety of crafts made by artisans from Yogyakarta’s border and remote regions, such as products of leather crafts that are made into ethnic puppet, and products of coconut shell crafts that are made into variety decorative accessories and unique mask craft. Sanggar Bima Mujiyono provides variety of handicraft products to sell, such as leather puppet crafts with variety characters, unique lamp decorative furniture, beautiful hand fan, and variety of unique souvenirs original from Indonesia.

The uniqueness of the craft products from Sanggar Bima Mujiyono is designing products with local and traditional character. This option is in line for prospective buyers who are looking for ethnic products. Every single day, this gallery is always serving local and foreign tourists. Some of them are coming for a brief window-shopping and some other are buying the handicraft in wholesale. All products of Sanggar Bima Mujiyono are very suitable to be souvenir for your friend and family. So, if you want to order an export quality of Bantul handicraft or just buy a special gift, you can contact this gallery by an email/phone or come directly to gallery. All ethnic products from Sanggar Bima Mujiyono are at very reasonable price.

Nogosari II, Wukirsari
Imogiri – Bantul, Yogyakarta
Phone: (+62) 274 378813
Email: fendikurniawanto(at)

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