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Amethyst which also known as "Kecubung" in Indonesia is a gemstone with purple colour.
Amethyst is one of the precious stone that naturally has properties , and many people sought to be used as accessories or eye of rings, pendants and so on. Many people also wear a bracelet made of Amethyst, besides has a great colour, it can also increase the confidence of the wearer.
Amethyst Gems is useful for compassion, smooth effort or fortune.
Amethyst Gems can also cultivate the charm of the wearers to make glow of their face, endeared by their superiors and subordinates.
Amethyst Gems is useful to increase the strength of inner / spiritual and intuitive of person vigilance.
Amethyst is also used to relieve headaches.

Legend says that using Amethyst or drank from the cup made of Amethyst would prevent poisoning.
In Borneo, Amethyst is known could be used to attract someone.
Amethyst is also believed to have properties to get sympathy from others and can avoid evil deeds which will be dedicated to the wearers of this precious stones.

The best type of Amethyst is Amethyst which has hollow in the middle naturally and often called "Amethyst-Asihan Combong"
Amethyst or "Kecubung" comes from Greek words that means the neutralizer, where the old form of confidence shows that drinking wine in Amethyst glass will not make the drinker drunk.
Amethyst has a hardness level of seven on the Mohs scale.
Amethyst was believed to have started to be used since the earliest times of ancient Egypt.
Nice Amethyst comes from Borneo (Indonesia) and Brazil, but Amethyst from Borneo is more expensive.

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