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Modern Promotion: Take The Advantage of Internet To Reach Global Markets



Various e-commerce and marketplace are emerging and are rampant promotion. Is the rise of emerging e-commerce then made the competition in the virtual world to reduce the power of one of them? The answer is no! Each marketplace platform has different market targets and features. Of course with the current number of marketplace will build the new entrepreneurs in Indonesia. Business opportunities will be widely opened.

There is a marketplace with the image of "one stop shopping", where all transactions, deliveries and promotions are handled by the marketplace. In this type of marketplace, buyers and sellers typically do not engage in interactions. There is also a marketplace that carries the concept of "Directory", which is a listing of businesses and companies. This marketplace usually focuses on B2B (business to business) share. They give full freedom to the decision of the transaction, delivery to the opportunity of cooperation between buyer & seller.

Like, known as B2B Marketplace & Online Directory in Indonesia, is a marketplace that dare to take focus "Brings Indonesian Products To The World" offers a variety of facilities in it. Like a Shopping Mall, has different booth levels according to the priority of promotion, transaction and interaction between buyer & seller is the freedom for both.
Currently hundreds of thousands of Indonesian businesses & products have been promoted through & its strong support portals. Not only play in the competition promotion website, marketplace & online directory that established since 1998 is also aggressively compete through social media such as twitter, facebook, Instagram and youtube. This is the representation of as a marketplace platform that has a modern & systematic design.

Well, the more platform that make it easier for buyers & sellers to meet without having time and distance constraints, all the more easily accessible in this digital era.



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