Author Topic: Did You Know That Social Media Is The Cheapest Marketing Way To Apply?  (Read 612 times)



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The cheapest marketing media is by internet or online, besides the low cost, the marketing range is also very broad. This is the advantage of marketing products online.

Apart from because there are many internet users in Indonesia and also heading to the digital and online era, marketing products online or online is easier and simpler than having to promote offline such as making broaches and others.

Another advantage is that now people prefer to display unique items through social media, and you can use this to promote your craft.

In addition to not needing to prepare a shop or gallery for exhibitions, you can just enter your work through social media and already have buyers.

Paid ads are also available online, which can be through Google adwords or facebookads, with this feature you can market your products more targeted to enthusiasts of handicrafts only. Indeed you have to spend money, but the costs incurred are not much and can even be up to 10 thousand.

So social media is often blamed for making an article viral and promoting it widely quickly, so you can use this in your craft business.