Author Topic: This Coffee and Tea Souvenirs For Your Dream Rustic Wedding  (Read 647 times)



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The culture of drinking coffee or tea in the morning has become a part that most people cannot leave. Starting the day without sipping a cup of coffee or tea tastes like something is missing. This caffeinated drink is not without reason favored by many people, according to research caffeine can modulate the brain that regulates pleasure. How it works, caffeine will stimulate the brain to release dopamine, a compound that causes happiness. So anyone who drinks caffeinated drinks will feel the effects of pleasure even for a moment. But remember, limit consumption of caffeinated drinks to avoid dependence.

The number of people who like coffee and tea is a good idea to present souvenirs to guests who are present at the wedding. Certainly souvenirs containing tea or coffee will not be wasted. Because this drink can be brewed at any time. In order to look attractive, coffee or tea powder must be packaged as creatively as possible. How to? Let's see.

In glass bottles or cans
Quality tea must be packaged in a special way. Putting tea in a glass bottle or in a can is a pretty good way to look attractive. Heirlome is one of the premium quality tea souvenir providers that deserves to be chosen for them to make tea as a souvenir. Not much different, coffee too. Coffee powder can also be included in glass bottles and cans.

In jar
The jar cup is a container that is suitable for all kinds of drinks, from cold drinks to warm drinks including coffee and tea. It is very appropriate to give a complete cup of jar containing coffee or tea powder, so that guests who receive it can brew coffee or tea in the jar.

In a bloom box
Not only good for guests, souvenirs of tea or coffee are also suitable for bridesmaid and groomsmen. Not only will you feel happy, the bridesmaid and groomsmen will certainly feel flattered to accept the bloom box, a flower box containing a can of tea with various flavors. Like tea, coffee can be packaged and filled in cans. Enjoyment of authentic Indonesian coffee which is known overseas is certainly an option, such as Aceh coffee, Lampung coffee or Balinese coffee. There is also Arabica coffee that tends to be bitter or rather sour Robusta.