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Title: An Inquiry About Hotel Rooms Furniture Supply For A Resort In Maldives
Post by: IF-Mod on December 11, 2012, 04:32:09 PM

We are looking for a supplier of the following items to a new development of 41 rooms resort in the Maldives.

The proposed budget for the following items is US$4000 per room.

1. queen size bed with bed frame in timber finish
2. two bedside tables (0.5m x0.4m)
3. queen size mattress, pillows (4 nos), throw cushions (4 nos, 2 sizes)
including covers
4. bed side table lamp
5. head board for bed
6. writing table with chair (1.2m wide)
7. Divan (at end of bed),
8. curtains and/or wooden blinds (door size is 2.3x2.2) main room door
9. blinds/sun shade for bathroom door (1.8x1.8)
10. decorative art work (2 pcs)
11. 1.2x2m wide wardrobe
12. 1.2x0.8m Mini bar cupboard/carrier
13. 0.9x0.5m luggage stand, with pull out drawers
14. Daybed mattress (1.8x0.8m) pillows x2 , cushions (4 nos, 2 sizes)

All fixed furniture should be in timber finish.

You are to produce/supply them with a 'scheme/design' which will integrate the already chosen floor finishes.
The bedroom floor will be painted in Merbau and wall and ceiling will be painted in white or off white colour.

Awaiting for a prompt and positive response.

Best regards,

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