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Title: Mutiara Batik Collection – Batik Shop In Solo Central Java
Post by: Kristin on March 23, 2016, 12:34:29 PM

Batik, in Javanese means ‘to Dot’. Basically there are two kinds of batik; Batik Tulis (hand drawn) and Batik Cap (stamped). The price of batik tulis is much more expensive than batik cap.

Mutiara Batik Collection is located in Solo downtown, Central Java. This is one of Batik shop in Indonesia and has known as cheap shop.

Mutiara Collection
Mrs. Sity Budi S
Jl. Mawar Timur 8 AE no. 2
Perum Fajar Indah Solo – Central Java
Mobile: +62-81329-157546 / +62-878351-72526

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