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Title: Putri Lestari – The Batik Showroom with Weaving Cloth and Fabric Collections
Post by: Kristin on March 24, 2016, 02:39:36 PM

Batik became a national asset and to be proud by Indonesia. Settled in Sragen, Central Java, Putri Lestari Batik has offered you various kind of Batik clothes and fabrics. Putri Lestari Batik sells all kinds of Batik in various models and techniques (print, stamp, handwriting). Some of Putri Lestari Batik products are various kind of handwriting, printing, and stamp batik shirts both men and women. Besides on that, this showroom also provides Batik fabric that made from silk and cotton in various beautiful motifs. Putri Lestari Batik always tries to produce comfortable clothes that make people feel happy and proud using Batik. All products here are hand-painted by skilled craftsman in Central Java. This boutique also supplies ATBM (Asli Tenun Bukan Mesin) fabrics, which mean the fabric is made of weaving process, not machine fabrics and all fabric products are woven craft. This showroom also develop the garment business to another city of printing Batik cloth and fabric.

Visit this Batik showroom and buy their collection

Putri Lestari Batik
Mrs. Raminah
Jl. Pilang Wirorejan RT 22/04, Pilang, Masaran
Sragen 57282 – Central Java, Indonesia
Phone: +62 271 7082 170
Mobile: +62 852 2536 5647 , +62 878 3516 6754
Email: putrilestari.batik@gmail.com

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