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Title: Arjuna Tailor – Skilled and Exclusive Hand Tailor for Cloth of Jokowi
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Arjuna Tailor was established in 1980 by Mr. Soeparto, the owner of this tailor, in a small booth of south Nusukan market, Solo. Mr. Soeparto has started to learn about the world of sewing when he was 12 years old in primary school. Mr. Soeparto with Arjuna Tailor has been subscribed by President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. H. Joko Widodo for long time. Mr. Soeparto told that Jokowi sewn his clothes for the first time at Mr. Soeparto when Mr. Jokowi had been still be entrepreneurs. Mr. Jokowi sewn his clothes at Mr. Soeparto with the recommendation of a friend who named Mr. Karni. Since the moment, Mr. Jokowi has continued to sew clothes in Arjuna Tailor until Mr. Jokowi has become mayor of Solo and he is being President of Republic of Indonesia. Mr. Soeparto still remember the first time when Mr. Jokowi came to his place to ask sewn into pants and shirt.


Mr. Soeparto admitted that he was familiar with pieces that Mr. Jokowi like. Mr. Jokowi has small and height body, so the wear should be loose, as well as pants. However, the size of the waist should be fit. Mr. Soeparto is certainly proud to be trusted to sew shirts and pants of the President. Moreover, so far Mr. Soeparto has never received a complaint. There was even a story, when the governor of Jakarta, Jokowi never wore official outfit that has been provided because the official outfit is uncomfortable. Then, Mr. Soeparto has been requested to sew the official outfit of the President and his government officials. The forerunner of over sized plaid shirt iconic that ahead of gubernatorial elections in 2012 ago, was made by Arjuna Tailor. Jokowi ordered 1,000 pieces of clothing for Jakarta governor nomination campaign.


Arjuna Tailor sells and accepts your own order of cloth with beautiful applications. Not only cloth, Arjuna Tailor also serves sewing craft for handbag with beautiful and ethnic fabric material. All those products are made from various kind of fabrics with various sizes. Arjuna Tailor also has known for its cloth fashion, made  and designed by skilled designers. Arjuna Tailor will sew beautiful cloth that is very comfortable and elegant because this tailor always uses cotton to produce its products and its material has thick texture, not opaque and body shaping. You could make your own order with beautiful applications. Arjuna Tailor always tries to give the best for customer.

Skilled Tailor for Cloth of Jokowi
Jl Ahmad Yani no 1, Gilingan
Solo – Central Java
Phone: (+62) 271 710047
Email: arjunataylor(at)gmail(dot)com
Twitter: @arjunatailor
Website: http://arjunatailor.blogspot.co.id/ (http://arjunatailor.blogspot.co.id/)

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