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Title: The Benefits of Coffee Scrub To The Skin Health
Post by: larik on June 12, 2019, 04:34:45 PM
Scrub is known since ancient times as one of the ingredients in beauty care, especially in skin care to beautify the skin of women. It is said that royal princesses use scrubs to make their skin smooth and smooth. A variety of natural ingredients can be used as ingredients of the scrub. One of them is coffee. Coffee is known as a drowsy drink that people usually drink. The content of caffeine in coffee is the reason why many people like this drink.

Aside from being a favorite drink, coffee is also efficacious for treating beauty, especially the skin of the body. The caffeine contained in it is said to be an ingredient that is very beneficial for skin care. In addition, the content of vitamin E in coffee is also very good for skin health. For women, the presence of natural ingredients that have the same properties as coffee is certainly a breath of fresh air for their beauty care. Coffee is often used as a scrub for the skin.

Benefits of Coffee Scrub

Why is coffee very beneficial for skin beauty if used as a scrub? There are several reasons that make coffee very effective for skin beauty, namely:

The natural aroma of coffee is said to be able to provide a relaxing effect that can clear your mind. That's why coffee oil is often used for relaxation activities using aromatherapy. In addition, coffee can also work as an antidepressant and relieve nausea. If the mind is clear, the face will certainly look bright and radiant.

- Coffee can shrink the skin pores and smooth the skin if the benefits of a coffee mask are used. In addition there are also benefits of coffee grounds for hair.

- The efficacy of caffeine is that it can be useful as a natural antioxidant that can resist cancer and the heart. It can also overcome the effects of free radicals such as premature aging in the form of wrinkles, spots or black spots caused by damage to the inner layer of the skin.

- Coffee can also be used as exfoliator or dead skin exfoliator. When used regularly can remove residual dirt and dead skin.

- Other uses of the caffeine contained in coffee are a deterrent to varicose veins and cellulite by promoting blood flow.

- Caffeine is also useful for constricting blood vessels in the skin to make it stronger which will be seen in the tightening skin texture.

- The benefits of coffee for the skin through coffee scrubs can whiten the skin and eliminate body odor, there are also benefits of coffee for hair.

Oil that can be added to Coffee Scrub
In every coffee scrub, there must be a part that uses oil as one of the ingredients. Some oils other than coconut oil which are commonly used for making coffee scrubs are:

Olive Oil - The content of healthy fats, vitamins A and E in olive oil has the properties of ani inflammation, tightens and moisturizes the skin.

- Grapeseed Oil - Oil extracted from grape seeds contains anti-oxidants and is also anti-inflammatory.
- Almond Oil - This oil is obtained from the process of squeezing almonds that do not go through the cooking process. High content of fatty acids allows this oil to have high properties for beauty. In addition there are benefits of almonds for hair that can be tried.

Well, that's a few choices for making traditional coffee scrubs that you can choose. Most of the methods of making coffee scrubs are very easy to follow and the ingredients are also easy to obtain. Instead of always using instant coffee scrub which is not necessarily 100% from natural ingredients, you can try making it yourself.