Author Topic: Beautiful and Ethnic Value of Gedog Batik from Tuban, East Java  (Read 476 times)


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Gedog Batik is an ancient batik that made only in rural areas of Tuban, East Java. The process of making this batik is from the flowers of cotton that spun into yarn and woven into fabric using manual devices that emit sound “dog … dog .. ” , so because the sound of process why this batik is called with name “Gedog”. Gedog Batik fabric with rough texture is made by hand with beautiful motif and color. Currently only an old craftsman who can make Gedog Batik. This batik from Tuban is rich with motif, color and function. In Tuban, there are 100 varieties motif which 40 of them are already patented the local government as an effort to preserve culture. Typical of Gedog Batik is consistency to preserve batik artisans. It’s easy to mark off his batik, because Gedog Batik is applied to the woven fabric to cotton which type of this batik is handwriting batik. But there are a few craftsmen who still apply printing batik at Gedog Batik.

The call of Gedog comes from the sound of dog-dog that originating from batik weaving tools. Batik artisans in Tuban are hereditary making batik on fabric weaving. The process of making Gedog Batik is taking about three months because the craftsmen must pass through a long process of spinning yarn, weaving, “writing” the motif of batik and dyeing it with natural materials. The type of woven Gedog Batik is retained by one of handwriting batik workshops in Tuban, Yulistiana Gallery offers batik clothes and fabrics with natural and classic motifs mix and all products in this gallery are made from weaving and handwriting process. Some of the batik cloth products offered are shirt and t-shirt batik for men and women, uniform batik, and many more batik cloth products for people in all ages. Besides on that, Yulistiana Gallery also provides woven Gedog Batik with two models there are fabric with size two meters (tapih) and scarf.
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