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Batik Maluku has a characteristic
| August 16, 2016, 04:36:04 PM

Batik Maluku has a characteristic that is patterned nutmeg and cloves machete salawaku (typical weapons Maluku) as well as the type of instrument. Maluku batik motifs typical motifs of clove fall Seram island musical instruments and cultural waves. also a variety of bright colors blue calm sea even. used also varied namely cotton cloth. also people from outside the region are also of interest. This batik originated from Papua Kalimantan Jakarta even Dutch. Maluku  is offering citizens Maluku to present a special motif extracted from the old culture of indigenous lands in the country. This is designed to combine traditional ethnic and modern design techniques to look more elegant and contemporary yet traditionally done once.

The Craftsmen Batik Maluku always make efforts so that batik Maluku can be known and accepted by all public embarrassment. Efforts are an approach to local government but it also follows the national level exhibition in Jakarta as well as an exhibition in Ambon Maluku. The Government can help it and to socialize Batik batik entrepreneurs Maluku to civil servants and guests who visit the area. government agencies at provincial and district Ambon municipal government has also used batik cloves on Thursday and Friday afternoons. Urun and government attention to make Thursday and Friday dress batik entrepreneurs can increase revenue and preserve local culture through batik embarrassment.

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