Central, Provincial, City or District Governments as Indonesian SMEs and businesses sponsor, can facilitate digital promotion for entrepreneurs with ease and affordable. Realizing the government's vision to boost Indonesia's economy through exports and SMEs, Indonesia-product.com offers ease promotion that reaches the global market, from Local to Global. Promoting appropriately will determine the impact of today to countless future. Here, Indonesia Product Global opens opportunities to hold cooperation with the governments to process the database of local business, incorporated into Indonesia-Product.com and promoted to all over Indonesia & worldwide.

Why every BUSINESS need ONline promotion ?

  • By choosing online promotion, business owners can easily open their business and promote their business for 24 hours a day and 365 days / year.
  • Long-term promotion impact with wider market reached that is all over Indonesia and around the world.
  • By utilizing the internet maximally, Indonesian products will be increasingly known throughout the world with low cost and more efficient than the conventional way, for example: exhibition.

How it works

What will the Government get?
Each province could have ePropinsi.go.id, containing trade products in each province.

What is ePropinsi.go.id?
Online Promotion Portal for Trading products from a province, promoted all over Indonesia up to the whole world.

The purpose of creating ePropinsi.go.id
Utilizing Information Technology by creating an online portal containing top provincial trading products, being modern, adapt and take advantage of existing technological developments, thus bringing the product of a province to the world level.

Brings the short term & long term missions

  • Able to introduce trade products of a province out of the island (all over Indonesia)
  • Bringing the products of a province to be able to export abroad and bring in foreign exchange for Indonesia in general and a province in particular.
  • Bringing missions to help buyers connect with sellers, find products and make deals with appropriate partners from a province to the rest of Indonesia and around the world, and provide a variety of natural resources and all types of products for large-scale shipments.

The things you should consider if you are partnered with Indonesia-Product.com

  1. Descriptive domain name web in accordance with the contents of the website, epropinsi.go.id
  2. Have own website with domain name epropinsi.go.id managed by professionals. (PT Indonesia Product Global)
  3. Promoted abroad because it is supported on indonesia-product.com website that has been proven to have a high page rank and a good SEO position, it can easily be found by search engines so that it can bring potential visitors in Indonesia as well as around the world
  4. Website in English. A much needed marketing strategy that is promoted to overseas
  5. A modern and attractive web interface


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