Bebit Abadi Sempurna, PT


Bebit is an academy that exists to serve the citizens of Indonesia and its partners around the world, and to educate and train students who are career-ready, who are immediately productive in their chosen workplace, and who are ongoing assets to their employers. Bebit credentials are highly valued by business and industry. Their graduates receive a superior return on their investment. Bebit exists to create the right kinds, quality, and quantities of skilled employees in professions that are in demand and can support a decent standard of living. The bebit model of education focuses on launching and advancing careers, on the broad availability of its programs, and on the relevance of education and training for marketplace.


Komplek Graha Kencana blok DM, Jl. Raya Perjuangan 88
Jakarta, DKI Jakarta 11530

siloam hospital, graha kencana

Fax: +6221-5494048

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