Whimphi Gunawan Chess (WGC)


Whimphi Gunawan Chess Enterprise (WGC) has established since 2003, founded by Whimphi Gunawan from Surabaya-East Java. The products are crafted by some of local craftsmen from various areas of East Java such as, Pasuruan, Probolinggo and the other according to the finishing product process. Whimpi Gunawan as the founder is markets his products directly to the customer, which is the customers are mostly from Indonesia chess club organizer, even some of his customers are come from Singapore and Malaysia. WGC products are made of various selected woods that have to has high quality of woods. After selection process, the woods will crafted by another craftsmen partner for finishing. The woods material are sapodilla woods, sono keling woods, teaks and mentaos woods. The quality of woods and how its finishing products have become the quality standard of chess. WGC has some type like borobudur, stountoun, kuda jerman and the latest new product is kuda troya that especially made of sono keling woods. The size is also has variety, start from 9,5cm until 10,5cm of King’s height or it can be 4 inch.


Kupang Panjaan V/18
Kota Surabaya, Jawa Timur

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+62 811 310 847

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