Batik Gunung Kendil – Handwriting and Contemporary Lasem Batik from Rembang, Central Java

Batik Tulis (handwriting) Lasem is begin to know by many people since several fashion designer present it in some fashion exhibition. Lasem itself is a small city in Rembang, Central Java that commonly called as old city. Batik Lasem often said as the soul of the city. Batik Gunung Kendil is a batik workshop that specialize in handwriting and contemporary batik products. Craftsmen of Lasem Batik in this workshop start to pluck Batik Nusantara patterns, ie Leak patterns on Bali Batik. Hawin Wilopo, owner of the classical and contemporary Batik Gunung Kendil claimed to be different with batik presenting in the modern era because according to him, during this time Lasem Batik is very thick with elements of Chinese culture. Acculturation of art can be made ​​to produce the new element. It’s just that despite the hue plucks leak Bali, but Hawin has not yet sold on the Bali Island. He just started to market to Korea through resellers.

Batik Gunung Kendil workshop is full with orders of Lasem Batik cloth because this workshop serves batik clothes for the official school uniform and office uniform offices in Central Java area. Besides on that, this workshop also supplies handwiring batik, sarimbit batik, silk batik fabric, and batik shirt both for men and women with variety designs and motifs using natural and synthetic dye. The visitors can also learn how to write Batik with custom motif because Batik Gunung Kendil also opens batik courses for who want to learn about Lasem Batik. This batik workshop offers you many motifs of Lasem handwriting batik with many colors combination. Lasem Batik itself is different to others Batik. It has special motifs and produce by native Lasem craftsmen.

Jl Pemuda Gg Anggrek I / No 15; RT/RW 07/03
Tawangsari – Leteh, Rembang – Central Java
Phone: +62 857 2713 8985


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