Wooden Furniture Manufacturer In Classic Style

This is the classic furniture leading manufacturer and exporter of classic furniture from Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia.
It is been in this line of business since 2000. After being review market details and demand of design specification of the specific mahogany wood finishing product, they finally come to make new concept and new design furniture product which will fill the customers needs.

They are welcome for customer who want to make custom made products and they are uphold the confidentiality of these designs in their mutual interest. They are deal with different kinds of wood like Mahogany (mainly), Teak, Pacific Oak, and many more, depends on customer requirement.

Special emphasis is given towards the quality control at each stage of manufacture from sourcing of wood, processing, constructing, finishing and packing.

Each component of the furniture is kiln dried and passes through the hands of only those skilled and dedicated craftsmen who acquired these skills through generations. The teams of these craftsmen finish each piece with their signature touches to ensure that the furniture they offer is not only striking and unique but also durable to withstand years of use so as to become a collector’s dream in future.

The products they have are include Antique Reproduction, Colonial, Contemporary and Old Country Style. All range is available in any type of color and finishing touch.

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