New Indonesian Product Made By Health Students: Ginger Jam

As a favorite school in Bantul Regency that is engaged in the health sector, Bantul Health Vocational School Yogyakarta is highly committed and contributes to creating new breakthroughs in the community. One of the products from this school has become a novelty that is liked by many people even to the world market. This interesting product is ginger jam.

You may like strawberry or chocolate jam to spread on your bread in the morning. But how about taking ginger jam? You may not have heard of this, but it’s true. And what is even more special, the jam is made by senior students of SMK Kesehatan, Bantul, Yogyakarta.

SMK Kesehatan literally means medical school. The product was created as one of their commitments to create healthier products for the community. It can be said as one of the Vocational Schools in Bantul that continues to encourage its students to remain productive even during this pandemic. Various products have been made by students during this pandemic. Apart from ginger jam, they also make several other products made from local native herbs and spices.

The ginger jam at SMK Kesehatan Bantul will be the perfect companion for your bread. It can also make a great filling for your cakes. The sweet and slightly soft ginger taste will provide a new experience in enjoying bread.

Ginger is known to have several health properties. It soothes a bad stomach and gives you comfort during cold winter days. Ginger jam will do that. Though it won’t be as strong as your regular ginger beer.

This ginger jam received positive response from the community. Many have ordered these products and until now the Bantul Health Vocational School students continue to produce these products to meet market needs.

In addition to ginger jam, students of SMK Kesehatan Bantul Yogyakarta also have some hand soap, disposable hand sanitizer, disposable masks and much more. All were created to meet the local community’s need for affordable medical supplies.


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