Some Indonesian Handicrafts That Sell Abroad

As is known, Indonesia has a lot of unique crafts that very well known, but are there many Indonesian handicrafts that sell well abroad? In fact, there are many Indonesian handicrafts that sell well abroad, ranging from batik cloth, wayang, to woven bamboo. All these crafts are sold abroad, of course because they have their own philosophical and aesthetic values, which are the hallmarks of Indonesian handicrafts. However, apart from batik cloth, wayang and woven bamboo, there are many other Indonesian handicrafts that are in high demand and selling well in foreign markets.

Indonesian handicrafts that sell the most is batik cloth. This may not come as a surprise, because Indonesian batik cloth is indeed very charming and has the best quality. The popularity of Indonesian batik cloth in the world is no longer in doubt. Because, on several occasions, Indonesian batik cloth is often used by important people in a number of countries, such as famous foreign artists. The popularity of batik cloth abroad is of course because Indonesian batik cloth has a variety of colors and motifs that are unique and have character.

Wood carving
Next is wood carving, which is also one of the Indonesian handicrafts that sell well abroad. How not, because wood carvings from Indonesia have a characteristic that lies in the complexity of their shapes, motifs and designs. With these characteristics, wood carvings from Indonesia are easier to recognize.

Apart from the complexity of the shapes and motifs, Indonesian wood carvings are also famous for having quality materials. This is because Indonesian wood grows in tropical countries, which makes it tend to be stronger and more durable. One of the cities in Indonesia, which is known as the center of the best wood carving production is Jepara.

There, many wood carvings are found, such as: sculptures, calligraphy, reliefs and so on, which have successfully gone international to Europe. Therefore, it is not surprising, if wood carving has become an Indonesian craft that selling well abroad and is in great demand today.

Stone and metal crafts
Who would have thought, if stone and metal crafts were also Indonesian handicrafts that sold abroad. One of the most famous stone crafts is precious stones. Because, the craft had become the news topic everywhere, both domestically and abroad.

This precious stone craft is widely discussed, because many world celebrities use precious stones from Indonesia. But other than that, this precious stone craft does have a very beautiful and charming look. Therefore, precious stones are used as raw materials for making jewelry in the world.

If in the previous discussion wood was used as the main material for making carving crafts, this time wood is used as a material for making watch. For millennials, this may not come as a surprise. Because, lately there are many brands of watches are made of wood-based materials.

Puppet / Wayang
Who among you doesn’t know wayang / puppet? Crafts that very close to Javanese traditions and identical to mystical thing, is Indonesian crafts that selling well abroad. The interest of foreign tourists to this craft has made puppets production increasing day by day. In the past, puppet was mostly used for performances, but over time, puppets also used as decoration to beautify home decorations, because it was considered to have unique shape and high artistic value.

Weaving Painting
In addition to the seven crafts above, woven painting is also one of Indonesian handicrafts that sold abroad. That’s because, this woven painting uses pieces of woven fabric as the main material for making the painting. In contrast to other paintings, which generally use paint as material for painting. Because basically, woven painting or what is often called colaste, is a work of art that combines photo collage art with weaving. The uniqueness of this Indonesian handicraft has made it successful in penetrating the world markets, include; Malaysia, Beijing and Shanghai.

The sixth Indonesian handicraft that sells abroad is ceramics. Actually, ceramics are not native Indonesian crafts. However, even so, ceramics made in Indonesia are good than other countries, and have high demand. Even interestingly, China as ceramic producing country is also interested in ceramics made in Indonesia. Not only that, the Indonesian ceramic business has also been recognized and very well known in European countries. There are several types of ceramics that have high enough demand, they are jars, flower vases and statues.

Seashell Crafts
Although it sounds strange, the craft of seashells is one of the Indonesian handicrafts that selling well abroad. Even reportedly, this craft has managed to penetrate the European market. There are many forms of shell crafts, ranging from shell decorations, marine things and sea shell fossils. The conch shell decoration which is processed into oval spoons and bowls, is priced at fantastic price, which is around IDR 10 million. Meanwhile, fossilized sea shells of the nautilus type with about 21 diameter, are priced at IDR 35 million.

All these seashell crafts, on average, are priced at very fantastic price. Even so, this craft is still in demand by many people, both local and international, because it has very beautiful and charming appearance. There are several foreign people who are very interested in this Indonesian craft, include Germany, Korea, China, the Netherlands and Japan.

Woven Bamboo
The last Indonesian handicraft that sells abroad is woven bamboo. As is known, some woven bamboo products are usually in household furniture such as serving hoods and chairs. But not only that, because some home accessories are made of woven bamboo. This is because products made of woven bamboo are generally stronger and more durable. Not only that, but woven bamboo products also have unique shape and character. This is what then stole the attention of Indonesian people, as well as the public or foreign tourists.


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