In Java culture, Loro Blonyo statue will bring good luck and make a lasting domestic life when is placed in the home.

Sanggar Loro Blonyo – Variety of Statues and Sculptures Craft from Kasongan Village, Yogyakarta

Kasongan Village is a residential area of the kundi, which means the pitcher or Gundi (people who make a similar pitcher, gendi, cauldrons and other kitchen items are also classified as decorative items). Loro Blonyo Gallery is a craft shop in Kasongan Village which sell variety of statues and sculptures Loro Blonyo Nyi Roro Kidul […]

Nuanza Ceramic – Handmade Porcelain And Ceramic Craft With Art And Ethnic Value, Jakarta

PT Nuansa Porselen Indonesia is craftsment of pottery and porcelain products with the brand “cupinari” and “nuanza ceramic”. Cupinari is brand for products that made ​​with porcelain material, dominated both figurines of humans, animals or in the form of trophy/trophies that refers to the classical European trophy. While nuanza ceramic is brand for products made ​​from ceramic […]

PORI KERAMIK – The True Charm of Ceramic Handicraft from Bandung, West Java

Clay craft is not only in the form of a vase or jug, but it can also be turned into a display of cool that makes the house look more sophisticated. Pori Keramik is clay handicraft brand that focuses on creating good-looking earthenware. “Pori” is Bahasa Indonesia that has wordplay for pores in English and […]

Keramik Diamond has been one of the leading suppliers of ceramic floor and wall tiles in the Indonesian market for many years

Keramik Diamond – Ceramic Tiles Manufacture and Exporter from East Java, Indonesia

Keramik Diamond is one of the major ceramic tile producers in Southeast Asia. It began operations in 1978, and is located in a 24-hectare compound at Gresik, near Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. Keramik Diamond operates various single firing, double firing and third firing kilns producing floor and wall tiles with size ranging from 100 mm x […]

Ceramic handicraft product has converted into a very beautiful and unique handicraft with various motifs and colors

“Sinar Tanah Indonesia” – Ceramic Craft Original from Probolinggo, East Java

This place sells various handicraft products use ceramic material. Ceramic handicraft product has converted into a very beautiful and unique handicraft with various motifs and colors. Various art products such as mugs, cup saucer, vases, trays, rosters, chalice, aroma therapy until manufacture of ceramic clean and ceramic accessories that can make your home look more […]