Yudhistira Art Gallery – The Center of Indonesia Art and Handicraft Product from Blitar, East Java

Blitar, one of towns in East Java has a lot of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and cooperative with superior quality handicraft and ready both compete locally and international. Many beautiful craft manufacturers such as puppet handicraft, batik craft, wooden handicraft, bamboo and rattan woven handicraft, instrument craft, miniature craft, until chocolate bar typically of Blitar that all handicraft manufacturer are managed to penetrate into world market. Yudhistira Art Gallery is one of SMEs in Blitar which not only supply many unique crafts, but this gallery also provide training and learning about the cultures and arts of Indonesia

Yudhistira Art Gallery is also one of the central areas of wooden furniture, miniature craft, batik fabric typically of Blitar, and craftsmen of shadow puppet which has been rare to find. Besides on that, this gallery is also the making center of traditional instrument such as gamelan orchestra and kettledrum that made from wood and brass material. Products of shadow puppet and traditional instrument in this gallery have high cultural heritage value. All handmade products here are made with love and combined with unique and ethnic value. Quality of handicraft product from Yudhistira Art Gallery is not only entice local consumers, but also the international market demand. So, let’s visit this gallery to know more about handicraft product typically of Blitar and let’s preserve the culture of Indonesia by learning Indonesian traditional art in this gallery


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