Since the system has managed with more than 19th year experiences in promotion online, to be the leader of Indonesian B2B marketplace online in Global Market, enables its partner to maximize their contribution. Break through the digital market and to ensure the sustainability of’s mission and vision, currently partnership has 8 consistent partners.



Digital era has made things easier to do, such as earn money from one place to wide-scale profit. Today's digital business is going widespread. With the B2B makrketplace online, being a less day trader is the advantage. Currently, do not have plans for establishing offices in many region in Indonesia. It provides an opportunity for anyone to be partnered and reap the benefits of using digital media

Event Organizer

Are you one part of Event Organizer or Exhibition Partner wich regularly exhibit a big event to connecting many trading business members by offline? If you one of them, have you know how to attract business people join as exhibitor effectively? Now is the time for every Event Organizer to let exhibitor really feel the impact that surprised them along the year after joining the exhibition with more modern benefits by offline & online.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) provides solutions how to distribute CSR funds with effective, right, and appropriate. For all banking institutions and big company in Indonesia who have CSR funds to sponsor activity through exhibition, especially SME exhibition are allowed to hold win-win deal cooperation with With this partnership, CSR funds are not only useful at one time but for the whole year promoted, for the wider market reach and for the more effective ways to realizing Indonesia SME go digital!


Central, Provincial, City or District Governments as Indonesian SMEs and businesses sponsor, can facilitate digital promotion for entrepreneurs with ease and affordable. Realizing the government's vision to boost Indonesia's economy through exports and SMEs, offers ease promotion that reaches the global market, from Local to Global. Promoting appropriately will determine the impact of today to countless future.

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