A Little Cutie Craft From Mahogany Could Be Used As A Child's Toys

Through the wealth of natural resources owned by Indonesia, timber is one of the most valuable resources which oftenly brings creative ideas. Such as Mahogany, we already knew that it has strong texture and everyone has been in love to make it into beautiful interior stuffs. 

Even it just from mahogany stems, modified through velvet and foam, which are shaped in such a way, mahogany wood can be transformed into a cutie children's toy. Who still remembers the rocking horses in a childhood? One of the favorite toys made of wood that we can ride like riding a cowboy-style horse. If in the old days, around the 90's the wooden horse toys are just made of wood. By the times, innovations are coming with kinds of other materials to be combined. Mahogany are still sticked on people's choice of wooden material for every crafts. 

Now, some modifications to the horse toys have been present in the velvet and foam materials. Childrens can play with more comfortly and can be linger to use it. The mahogany materials have it strenght to bearing toddler from 1-6 years old with the averages body weight are safety enough to use it. Not only for children's toys that kinds of crafts are too cute to be home decoration also. If you wondering where the place that offers these toys, you better to check the following links out, smescotrade.com. There are so many rocking horse toy crafts with batik and plain motifs displayed. 

All rocking horse crafts are offered with the range price start from IDR 600,000 up to IDR 890,000. Here you can choose various motifs, size, weight and also the quantities! In this online store, do not worry with the shipping terms, it has designed for shipping all over Indonesia and even worldwide! 

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21 Nov 2017