Collaborate To Support SMEs, SMESCO & Indonesia Product Global Signed A Cooperation Contract

Since the gallery was inaugurated, Smesco Indonesia had a lot of attention from people. All enterprises’s product, whether it’s  small, medium or industries can be displayed in one place. Moreover, Smesco Indonesia as the center of Indonesian SMEs is located at the capital city of Indonesia, where all of people both of domestic and foreign tourist visited this place were mostly have a business trip. If we looking back at the existence of SMEs Gallery, who’s believing that Indonesia is really take a deep control of doing that?

Apparently the government is not just build the SME Gallery with settle management systems, how the shape of its building is also take a careful consideration. When we come to Jakarta, precisely at the South of Jakarta, from a distance we will see a building shaped like Esplanade  in Singapore. Looks! How a great works. As a public service agency under the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, Smesco is continously upgrading.

The agency, which is aimed at developing and promoting Indonesia's SMEs, currently manages over 1,800 small-to-medium enterprises from all over the archipelago. The agency also actively offers e-commerce trainings and facilities to its members. It because important for small and medium-sized enterprises and cooperatives (SMESCO) to prepare Indonesia's enterprises to compete in the world market.

Seeing this SME Gallery, Indonesia Product Global in the name of as the leading of Indonesian Business Directory which has global market promotion online think about a bright future for Indonesian economic growth through the revenue of Indonesian enterprises. Brings the same visions, on May 19th 2017, a cooperation contract was signed by Smesco Indonesia which represented by the president director, Ahmad Zabadi and Indonesia Product Global represented by the president director, Santoso Suratso.

The cooperation is aiming to increase supports towards Indonesian SMEs. Both of them will work together to maximize the promotion of SMEs Indonesia through online and offline. Santoso Suratso in his chance says “In this digital era, promotion over the internet is a very supportive component. With this collaboration between online and offline promotions, promotions not only work while in Gallery, but will impact on the sustainable promotions throughout the years”.

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23 May 2017