Bath Salts And How To Use It


Bathing is an important thing for beauty and smooth blood circulation. To make bathing activities more enjoyable, you can use the bath salt which is popular todays. Bath salts can soften the skin, make your body and mood more relaxed.... Read full article

The Enchantment of the Moon Orchid in Indonesia


Indonesia is a rich country of ornamental plants, one of is an orchid plant that has distinctive beauty flower and is a superior horticultural commodity. Moon orchids were discovered in Maluku, but currently moon orchids are already widespread in ... Read full article

Si Temu - The Healthy Drink From Special Plants in Indonesia


Indonesian plant extract production continues to grow along with the growing demand from the herbal and beverage industries, especially turmeric and ginger extract. Not only domestic demand, but herbal plant extracts are very popular in the world... Read full article