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The unsuspected things makes this site born, with thousand more of interesting topic everyday become everyone's master of business dictionary. Well, due to the increasingly overrun by an assortment of Indonesian businesses, now, whether you are an Indonesian domestic or you are the foreigner from the whole world here's the meeting place we called forum.

As the awareness of mutualistic relationship between the goods needs and the supply of goods, how it will works instantly to share what we need in a virtual community, we mean is digital forum. Yes, that's the point! is a good idea. Are you want to looking for Indonesian typically handicraft products to collect or maybe you want to grab them in a wholesale scale, here's the place.

Not only about handicrafts, from furniture, jewelry, natural stone, until garment all you can find in Is it any else interesting to do with this site? Ya, import and export, sending requirements product, promoting business, tips, information content, and the other something worth to read about Indonesian products are supported. It is like the other forum that also completed with chit and chat menu. So, this is a worhty site we have now.


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13 Nov 2016