Knitting Clothes Need A Special Way To Care

Knitting is one of the art of hand that is often used to make a dress or other fashion products. Knit dress is very appreciated by the public especially those living in cold regions because the knitting clothes are warm to wear. Lots of people prefer to knit clothes than on their petersham coat to wear in winter. This is because the knit dress more simple and comfortable to wear than the petersham coat. Knitting fashion is suitable for women and men. The knitting itself are divided into some categories, such as; painting knitting, embroidery knitting, ribbon knitting, and many more.

Have knitting clothes, do need the right way to care so as not to damage the pattern of the yarn that has been woven. Unique patterns on hand-knitted clothing require special attention to keep the pattern and shape of clothes unchanged, one of them when you want to wash it. Yes, clothes made by hand knitting cannot be compared to other types of clothing when washing.

Well, want your favorite knit clothes durable and not damaged shape, here are the correct steps to wash knit clothes so as not to damage the original shape. When you want to wash hand-knitted clothes, the most important thing to remember is that these clothes need to be washed directly by hand and avoid the process of washing and drying using machine.

The first step, choose the right detergent to wash knitwear, it is recommended to use gentle detergent or you can also use a special detergent for knitwear. Use a large bucket or basin that is enough to soak knitwear and leave space for the washing process. Fill a bucket or basin with cold water, stir with enough detergent, and soak knitwear in it.

Slowly check your knitwear in the water, but avoid pulling movements too tight because it will change the shape of the knitwear.

After cleansing, proceed to the rinse process, use clean water to rinse the clothes from detergent foam, repeat until foam does not appear in the rinse water.
Then gently squeeze out the remaining water after the rinsing process, put the knitting clothes on a dry towel, roll the towel and press gently to absorb the remaining water in the knitwear.

To dry it, put your knitting clothes on a dry towel again on the table by extending the position of the original shape of the knitwear. Pat the knitwear starting from the neck area, arms, and waist area, do not forget to lift the collar during the drying process.

Let the knit clothes dry with the usual aerated for 24 hours, if not yet completely dry, you can reverse the position of the knit clothes drying on a dry towel and let it dry by itself.



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30 Sep 2019