Shrimp Crackers - The Savory Snacks

Shrimp crackers are one of the superior products of Sidoarjo Regency. This product is often exported with high demand. Classified as food category, shrimp crackers from Sidoarjo are made from selected shrimp. Because the shrimp ingredient is high, the taste of shrimp and the protein contained in crackers is also high. Eating shrimp crackers is more healthy. While, Sidoarjo itself is the biggest shrimp producer, so it is often called as the City of Shrimp. Therefore, many food products from Sidoarjo are made from shrimp.

The advantages of Sidoarjo prawn crackers are will rise when fried and the taste of shrimp feels dominant. This is what makes buyers interested. Its crunchy texture is very popular because it increases appetite. Beside become friend for eat rice or noodles, crackers are also as snacks.

Crackers sold in stores are currently divided into two forms: un-frying crackers and cracker snack which ready to eat. You can choose the type of crackers that suit your needs. If you don't want be bother in frying, then you can buy the frying crackers.

Crackers are usually packaged in large and small bags based on their size. The advantages of crackers packaged in small bags have lack of air so the crackers are not easily sluggish. However, you must make sure the bag is tightly closed and not perforated. In addition, small packaged crackers are very practical and easy to carry to eat at any time.

For crackers in large bags packaged, will be vulnerable to sluggish because there is a lot air in the bag. If it is not immediately finished, the crackers should be moved into a jar with tight lid.

Besides shrimp crackers, Sidoarjo is also famous for fish crackers and shredded fish. You should try other Sidoarjo food products because they are all delicious.

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24 Jul 2019