Si Temu - The Healthy Drink From Special Plants in Indonesia

Indonesian plant extract production continues to grow along with the growing demand from the herbal and beverage industries, especially turmeric and ginger extract. Not only domestic demand, but herbal plant extracts are very popular in the world market. Even now Indonesia has been able to exports the special-plant based beverage products with international standards.

As in this picture above, Si Temu is a healthy drink made from Temulawak and Sinom extract. Curcuma zanthorrhiza, known as temulawak, Java ginger, Javanese ginger, or Javanese turmeric is a plant species, belonging to the ginger family. While Sinom is the young leaves of the Tamarind tree. Si Temu, a traditional fresh drink made from those spices. Even according to research, Temulawak has many benefits on body health, such are reducing cholesterol and high blood pressure, increasing appetite and promoting blood circulation. This beverage is in great demand by many people in the country and abroad.

Currently, the herbal medicine industry in Indonesia consists of 129 large companies and 1,070 small and medium industries. These companies are producers who have obtained BPOM permits. The raw material with the greatest needs is Turmeric and Temulawak.

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21 Jan 2019