Surabaya Government Held SMEs Training, Is Invited

Did you know that in order to facing AEC (ASEAN Economic Community) 2015 is a good news for Indonesia economic development? Hence, Indonesian citizens suggested to be an entrepreneur. The government is very confident that the Indonesian SMEs can be the backbone of the economy nowadays. This issue was well received by the Indonesian Citizens. It can be seen by how the society was enthusiastic in starting business, and it happens to all layer of Indonesian citizens.

Until that time, small business growth in Indonesia is increasing step by step. The government in this case is utilize AEC for Indonesian market to all over the world. In Surabaya, as the second big city after Jakarta the capital city, has do the same. Surabaya government providing Surabaya Souvenir Center that stands from SMEs products. This building placed in four different location at Surabaya. As the center of Souvenir Center named Tunjungan City SME Center in Siola Building together with the Trade and Industry Department Surabaya City Government.

From food & beverages, garment, handicraft, Toys, Batik and so on, It displayed on Surabaya Souvenir Center. It isn’t stop here, for supporting Surabaya SMEs, the government held SMEs Training once in three months. They gather the all Surabaya entrepreneur to evaluating their progress also the quality of products. That's looks little bit different than before, recently the government was inviting their media partner to be one of the main speaker. Held in Sentra UKM MERR Surabaya, November 15th up to 21th, it was presenting food & beverages also fashion & handicraft product categories. 

Here's also presents as a speaker, broaden the entrepreneurs about how the role of marketing online is important things in business world. Represented by the marketing team, introduce its cooperation with the department of trade and industrial city of Surabaya together developing and promoting local products to be known all over the world.

The enthusiastic of entrepreneurs is pretty high, realizing of marketing online is easy and makes work more practical. "If I joined as a member, and one day I get a request from the customer, how the process then? Will we do the transaction through" one participant, a shoe craftsman knit from Surabaya was asking. "No, we only promote your product, if buyers find your products, then the customer will directly contact the seller. We are here only as a platform Marktet place online that promote Indonesian products to prospective buyers from the whole world." The speaker said. 

Yeah, this social activity that held by Surabaya government helps a lot the entrepreneurs to be succeed. Moreover, an insight into the online promotions are often socialized to entrepreneurs, will be petrified development of their businesses. Department of Trade and Industry, the city of Surabaya has been holding as media partner in the field of marketing. Promotional assistance given by is free for all SMEs assisted the government of Surabaya. Starting with build the website as well as complete information on Surabaya SMEs Center, it given ongoing assistance in various forms of online promotion.


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11 Apr 2017