This Business Development Is Dedicated For "Marunda" Society Empowerment

Who’s ever thought that in the flats could be the nest livelihood of its society. Do you ever heard about the name “Marunda” before? Well, now we talk about business development to empowering Marunda Flats society. Rusunawa Marunda is the name of flats in the North Jakarta under the DKI Jakarta provincial government, Rusunawa was Flats and Rent, and not to be stay forever, but there is a time that is 6 years old by the time division 2 years first, 2 years of the second and 2 years third.

Started to provide assistance for natural disasters, education and health of vision and mission belongs to Yayasan Meek Nusantara, since 2003 together with DKI Jakarta provincial government through Rusunawa Marunda first project, this Yayasan Meek Nusantara giving the best service in Rusunawa Marunda. The Yayasan Meek Nusantara itself, established on the latest of March, 2007.

Of course, this social activity programme is meaningful for Marunda society. Not only supporting by the help in providing rental flats, Marunda Society also supporting in knowledge. How to be empowered, generating income, improving the lives of Marunda society.So they can be maximized and independent both financially and mentally they become advanced and positive.

Under the vision and mission of Yayasan Meek Nusantara for Marunda, is facilitating the Transformation (Clean-Beautiful-Health-Care). Then, 7 Field formed theirr services kinds, which is a requirement for their service in Marunda and still they run to date, such as, Cleanliness, Health, Business Development (Business Development - Community Empowerment), Education, Agriculture / Landscaping, Physical Development Building, Social and Community Development.

From this programme, then the Marunda Society Empowerment gets the result. They succeed in producing various products. Such Mawar Collection and Group women empowerment, they recycling second stuff to be unique handicraft. Group of women empowerment in Flats of Marunda is able to manufacture baby stuff craft. By “Mawar Collection” as brand name of product and small business, women association in Flats of Marunda can explore their talent and develop their ability to expand better life, not only for their selves but also for improvement of state enterprises.

In that business, they provides various kinds of baby stuffs that are made of sewing and weaving process. All baby clothes here use good quality material and cotton fabric that is comfort for baby to wear. They known as baby stuff seller and distributor of baby clothes & accessories with handmade process, such as  home made mattress for baby, baby stroller, baby body works, pampers, baby diapers, baby carrier, baby bag, pillow bolsters, baby bed cover, baby shoes, baby blanket, accessories, hats, clamps, and other products.

Besides running mawar collection, Marunda society also presents Mar Klin. Mar Klin is brand of handmade soap like dishwasher soap, floor cleaners, and car wash soap that manufactured by women empowerment here. Consisted of many variants, Mar Klin gives fragrance to your cutlery, vehicle, and the room. Mar Klin dishwasher soap with fruit fragrance is containing active substance to clean kitchen utensils and cutlery especially of stubborn fat.

This dishwasher soap also contains substances disinfectant. Mar Klin floor cleaners drug with strawberry fragrance. In addition to make shiny floor, this floor cleaner also contains active substances and disinfectant, so the floor is not slippery. Mar Klin Car Wash Soap comes with fruity floral fragrance and fresh aroma. that can make your car or motorcycle become fresh and have good aroma.

What's more will surprising you is, they joint effort of the mother-housewife to make culinary shredded and presto milkfish. Interrupted time after the house and children around 10 housewives agreed to increase income through This culinary business. Even if not all the members of this group of smart cooking but still contribute according with existing capabilities for example responsible in packaging and marketing.


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17 Nov 2016