Traditional Food "Pukis", Surabaya SME Goes To Online

It's time to give Indonesia's culinary credentials some time in the limelight. Here we run through a mouth-watering array of traditional food. Who does not like cake? especially with the presence of modern cakes today, sometimes we miss the traditional cake. Home-made cakes pukis by omapukis Surabaya is one of the favorite cake that much demand. In addition it is lighter for breakfast, pukis is a traditional cake that is easy to carry anywhere.

Usually we known that we only can taste pukis in original and chocolate variants, but now Omapukis Surabaya has kill our perception. Traditional cake such as pukis is also has variant taste. In Omapukis Surabaya we can find pukis in modern topping; from cheese, oreo, ovomaltine, toblerone, nutella to matcha and kitkat are available here. Established on April 2015, The owner, Evira starts this business that only focused in food and beverages in Surabaya. With the main menu pukis, She brings traditional taste into modern-taste. 

Everyone can find them easily in Raya Darmo street 116 Surabaya. To develop the products and brand, Omapukis expanding this business with launching new branch in Siola SME Center, Aiola Canteen Eatery and Trimurti Canteen. It serves in 8 slices/ box with variants mixing topping depends on customer's requests. Omapukis also makes the transaction and shipping online easier. This pukis can ordered by go-food  (an online courier services) so we don't have to moving out to get them. 
Besides producing pukis, lately Omapukis Surabaya also launches their new product, "Marcik", the name of martabak cilik. in the way they promote and introduce this modern pukis, Omapukis Surabaya has incessant advertising through existing social media such as twitter, facebook, instagram and others. In offline shop, Omapukis is also join in Surabaya Souvenir Center, public service under the Trade and Industry Department Surabaya City Government, and displays pukis in Siola SME Center Surabaya.

Lately, the cooperation between Surabaya City Government with as the media support makes a gold advantages for a lot of SMEs in Surabaya, so does Omapukis. The name Omapukis has expands in digital market through In 2016, Omapukis has took a food-photoshoot with to complete their portofolio in website. "Digital-marketing-era has begun long time ago, now the birth of market places online in the world makes start-up businesses are easy to known by potential customers. And now, it such as a gift that helps a lot! This is what we need now!" Evira - The owner of Omapukis said.
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11 Apr 2017