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asking for art dec? style, rococo style and carved furnitures


We have an important enterprise in our city dedicated to sail furniture from india and indonesia. We have some providers from Bali and Jodhpur in India but anybody of them makes a kind of furniture as we are find now to sail around our country because we know that a lot of costumers like very much this style o finished. We need an art dec? style of furniture like you can see in the next link newbielink: [nonactive] and newbielink: [nonactive].
We like very much the variety and a lot the style art dec? of this factories but we don?t like very much the prices, we think are very expensive, we know that can give better prices.
Our idea is sail directly in the house of high class people with a competitive and beautty catalogue composed only of very high quality furnitures in art dec? or rococo style, with very carved beds, bed sides, armoires, etc? Can you send us some information of factories that make this kind of furniture?
In Bali anybody have this kind of finisheds like art dec? and is not there variety and good quality of carved furniture.I wit for your response. Thanks and best regards.


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