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Harley’s Recycle Wood Replica, Well Received in Europe



Do you want to have a Harley Davidson or a luxury car, but never have enough money to buy them? You can try to replace them with their exact replicas made by Sarjono. Sarjono and his older brother, Eko Lukistyanto, are now developing motorcycle and car replicas named Jaya Art that was started by their father. With the help of their skillful hands, your wish to have a Harley can be fulfilled; of course in the form of replica.

Initially, Jaya Art produced motorcycle replicas such as Harley to be sold as souvenirs in tourism area like around Prambanan and Borobudur Temple. However, the unhealthy competition forced Jaya Art to change lane to export market. “The price game between the competitors turned the market unhealthy. So, we decide to try another way,” Jono, Sarjono’s nickname, explains. 1992 was a turning point for Jaya Art. Jono and Eko were following several exhibitions in Jakarta to find buyers from abroad. Their wish came true as Jaya Art gained the first buyer from Spain that has been their regular customers until today.

In addition to motorcycle replica, Jaya Art started to produce car replica since 2005. “There was car replica order from my buyer. Since then, we has been producing car replica,” Jono says as he supervises his employees. Jaya Art’s replica is not just another replica. They only produce replica in their actual size or the half of it. “Currently, there is no replica business that makes replica like Jaya Art,” Jono claims with smile.

Usually, when people heard that a particular craft is made from wood they will start to sneer, “What if you used all the woods in the world?” However, this case will never haunt Jaya Art. Jaya Art only uses recycle wood; wood that had been used to build houses or any buildings. According to Jono, this kind of wood is drier and perfect to make replica with.

Observation is the start of making replica. Observation can be done by directly observing the real object or by looking through drawings. “In the past, we even rented a Harley as our model. We observed it every single day. The rent reached IDR 100,000 per day while we can even rent for the rest of the month,” Jono recalls. There is another story related to renting Harley. One of Harley’s owners that were rented by Jono didn’t want to be paid with money. He wanted Jono to make him a Harley replica as the rent. “So, he left the Harley in our workshop. He would pick it up only when he need. After he was done, he would return the Harley back to our workshop,” Jono jokes.

After determining the model, this is where Jono will take over to design the replica’s pattern. His older brother’s role is to manage the business affairs and administration. The woods then will be cut according to the drawn pattern before they get to be scoured. “Cutting in a straight line is the most difficult,” Ali, one of Jaya Art workers, says. The next process is to arrange the woods and put them according to the pattern. The average time of making a replica of Harley is fifteen days. For car replica, Jono and his workers need 45 days in average. In a month, Jaya Art can produce two Harleys and a car with the help of eleven workers.

In addition to selling their creation to Europe, Jaya Art had sold small replicas to some souvenir shop and even batik shop with consignment system. “That kind of selling system is not profitable. If it wasn’t sold after a year, the returned goods will be not in their best condition so it will be considered as our loss,” Jono explains. As for now, Jaya Art replicas can still be seen at Soekarno-Hatta Airport. Jaya Art’s target is now focusing in export market. Jono admitted that his replicas once sold to Minister Laksamana Sukardi and General Suyono.

Jono said that Jaya Art replica business in still unprecedented. The market demand depends fully in overseas market. “Before US and Europe hit by the crisis, orders were flooding us. My workers reached fifty people. Now, there is only eleven left,” Jono explains. Another challenge is human resources. “There are a lot of carpenters but they are only a few that capable to make replica,” Jono says.

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