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Madura Products: Batik Madura – Snacks From Madura



The shop is the center of Madura products, especially from Sumenep. There are handmade Batik Madura products and local souvenirs here. You do not need go around to buy some Sumenep products. This shop offers complete souvenirs belong to Sumenep. It provides handmade batik from Sumenep with good quality but at affordable price. Beside Madura Batik, the shop also provides whip, odheng, craft, karduluk carved, and another handicraft products.

The shop also provides Madura local snacks like; peanut lorjuk, oto’, gayam chips, taro, cassava chips, and many more. Visit Madura island with those exotic beaches and come to the shop to get the souvenirs.

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