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Rose Gold Engagement Rings - Rose Means Love!
| February 12, 2016, 01:09:24 PM

Young couples are increasingly opting for rose gold engagement rings and weddings bands with rose gold's unique luster and color being the main reason behind the rising interest. No matter what, no one can deny that color tone of rose gold has got a romantic touch with a profound appeal to people in relationship.

How rose gold gets its color?

Rose gold - along with pink gold and red gold - is created by adding high amount of copper with reduced proportion of silver-colored metals into pure yellow gold.
Color of rose gold gets intensified with aging due to slight but attractive tarnishing of copper.
Although terms like red, pink and rose gold are used interchangeably, but do you know these variations of gold are not same!
So, what's the difference? This is due to varying concentration of copper in gold. Higher is the copper content, stronger is the red tone. So, red gold has the maximum concentration of copper followed by rose gold and pink gold.
Therefore, next time when someone use these terms interchangeably, you can correct and tell that person the actual difference between these gold alloys.


Rose gold is not a recent invention. It was very popular in Russia at the beginning of the nineteenth century, therefore was also termed "Russian Gold". However, it was Cartier's 'Trinity' ring in 1924 that surged rose gold to a new stardom.
The classic Trinity ring features three intertwined bands of yellow gold, white gold and rose gold, with each color signifying different meaning - yellow gold for fidelity, white gold symbolizing friendship and rose gold representing love.

Big Brands

With rose gold being popular among modern buyers as well, you can find rose gold rings in variety of styles. So, unsurprisingly almost every famous fine jewelry brand - be it Cartier, Tacori or Tiffany - has been offering rose gold ERs.

Benefits of Rose Gold Engagement Rings

There is no denying that rose gold rings are the popular choice these days, but are you aware of some of the positives of rose gold?

- Copper is a very durable metal, so it makes rose gold tougher compared to yellow or white gold.
- Rose gold retains its reflective radiant color and does not require regular polishing - like rhodium plating on white gold - to maintain its luster.
- Soft and subtle undertone of rose gold complements all skin tones, along with looking very appealing on dark skin.

However, you must remember that copper is a hypo-allergenic metal, i.e. it can cause allergic reactions in some people. So, keep this property of copper in mind while buying a rose gold ring.

Trends in Rose Gold Engagement Rings


Rose gold ERs look equally superb with or without gemstones. Filigree work or detailing on the gold can bring to life a completely unique engagement ring.

Teaming with other metals

Rose gold rings look beautiful in combination with other metals too. The blend of rose gold on vintage white gold engagement rings gives this striking engagement ring the brilliant two-tone effect.

Complementing colored stones

Color of rose gold is such that it can go with variety of colored gemstones - be it similar color tones or contrasting color. Like these rose gold morganite, rose gold pink sapphire and rose gold rose quartz engagement rings with all having gemstones of similar color-tones.

Delicate with Raw Touch

If you desire to have your engagement ring to standout with edgy look to it, then this Todd Reed's engagement ring - with a tough and raw touch - will be quite a match fitting your requirement.

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