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Multi Garmen Jaya – Manufacture and Exporter of Variety Garments in Indonesia



Multi Garmen Jaya is a private company in Indonesia that deals with garment manufacture and trading. This company provides all range of garment products according to specification needs. Established in 1970 as a home industry, Multi Garmen Jaya has successfully developed itself to become one of the leading garment manufacturing companies in Indonesia. At present the company operated 10 manufacturing units that are spread in the capital city of West Java, Bandung, Indonesia. Supported by the most up to date garment manufacturing machinery’s. Partnering with suppliers have been developed in this respect. To improve its efficiency and effectiveness, this company is now investing upon upgrading its production facilities by applying computerized production system where ever possible.

Supported by not less than 3,500 people behind the manufacturing facilities, Multi Garmen Jaya consistently developed the people as main resources. This company with main brand “Cardinal” and other brand like “Sixty”, “PG”, etc. operated 4,000 garment machine of various types. The company is capable of producing up to one million pieces of garment per month. About 65% of its production are exported, while the rest are for domestic market. Their Vision TO BE NUMBER ONE in apparel business was developed ten year. Many garment products like trousers, a man’s shirt, coat, jacket, polo shirt, waistcoat, short-legged pants, uniform, dressing tie, etc. are produced with variety modern designs and best quality material that can make you feel comfortable and look fashionable.

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