Author Topic: Sragen Batik – One of Batik Motifs with Beautiful Art Design from Indonesia  (Read 543 times)


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The fashion world is already familiar with batik. Mentioned batik, one’s memory will float on a piece of cloth and fabric typical of Indonesia. Particularly Pekalongan, Surakarta (Solo) and Yogyakarta, three towns are better known by lovers of fashion as a batik production centers. However, if traced further, batik production centers can be found in other areas in Central Java.

Batik Sragen may not sound familiar, especially for someone who rarely hunt batik. Maybe people just know Solo batik, Pekalongan batik or batik from other regions that are well known to foreign countries. But do you know if Sragen batik is distributed to the Solo area? In fact, many owners of branded batiks in Solo order Sragen batik for sale in Solo, so people may be more familiar if batik is batik Solo, which actually is a batik Sragen.

Sragen is the biggest batik production centers after Pekalongan and Solo. In Sragen, there are two sub-districts, Plupuh and Masaran batik centers. The two sub- centers have some batik -producing village. The layout of them are close together, opposite each other in the north and south of the Bengawan Solo River. The villages in the north of the river are Jabung and Gedongan incoming Plupuh subdistrict. Jabung and Gedongan are near with Pilang, Sidodadi, and Kliwonan Village. The latter three villages are located in the south of Bengawan Solo, in the District of Masaran. Because it is on the edge of the river or stream –In the Java language, batik industry in the region is also known as Batik Girli (Pinggiran Kali). In the batik industry of two sub- centers, there are 4817 batik artisans to absorb at least 7072 workers. Let’s come to this batik centers in Sragen and you will see many batik collections that can make you are different and more elegant

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