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This is the craft and batik workshop, Nindy Wijaya Batik. Located in Sragen regency, Central Java, the workshop offers you various kind of Batik. Not only fabric batiks, you can also choose batik cloth in various models also. There are various kind of Batik clothes in Nindy Wijaya Batik that made from cotton fabric and silk. There are also many types of Batik, such as; traditional handwriting Batik, stamp Batik, semi handwriting Batik and various beautiful motifs that have been known to the public. All products here are hand-painted by skilled craftsman in Central Java, so the quality is very concerned and the quality guaranteed. This workshop also offers Sragen batik motif with classic colors mix. While Sragen itself has the biggest textile and Batik workshop center in Central Java, and Nindy Wijaya Batik is the perfect place to visit and to buy Batik products.


Kuyang RT. 03 / 01, Kliwonan, Masaran
Sragen 57282 – Central Java
Mobile: +62 877 1234 4418, +62 878 3676 4333, +62 878 3633 6333

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