Author Topic: Stirring Highlights Accentuate This Lovely Freshwater Pearl Necklace  (Read 1244 times)


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By: Danielle Royalegacy

The Delightful Brown Pearl Necklace, made of freshwater pearls, both dyed and natural, some glass beads, tied together with silk strands, just stirs my soul. The freshwater pearls are hand knotted on golden silk strands with the larger freshwater pearls set off by the diminutive brown glass beads. The larger pearls are set a distance away from groups of about 20 smaller pearls. These are in no way perfect pearls and the larger ones are baroque shaped pearls. The imperfections and swirls on the pearls adds to the timeless beauty of this necklace.

The colors of the dyed pearls range from a light brown to a very golden color. The natural pearls are rich in overtones of pink and gold. Both the natural and the dyed pearls just catch the light beautifully to highlight their bountiful colors.

I am so delighted with this necklace and love wearing Delightful Brown to church and on special occasions. I just know that this special party that my husband and I will be going to will be the perfect place to show off my Delightful Brown freshwater pearl necklace. It is a very elegant and stylish necklace and I have received quite a few favorable compliments about it whenever I wear it.

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